IDS – Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A. – Project Coordinator (Italy)


IDS is an independent systems engineering company which has been providing high technology services and integrated solutions for both defence and civilian applications since 1980. IDS is organized into four divisions: naval, aeronautical, air navigation and georadar. These are supported by IDS’s research and development laboratories: computational electromagnetism, space, radar, measurement, modelling & simulation technology and IT.”

IDS has performed consultancy services and developed modelling software in the fields of EMC, ESD, Lightning EMP, Antenna design, Antenna Siting on platforms (aircrafts, satellites, ships, ground stations...) and in the field of HIRF. The company has participated in several international projects in various capacities, including that of team leader.

The company headquarters is in Pisa, has a branch office in Rome and four subsidiaries respectively based in UK, Canada, Brazil and Australia.

Main IDS customers are Government Agencies, Defence and Civil Industries and Research Establishments requiring specific technical support in facing development of special projects as well as complex programs implementation.

Innovation has always been a pillar value in IDS, which interprets customer needs, always responding with cutting edge solutions made possible by the substantial investments annually injected into R&D projects (the last 3 years average is around 20% of annual turnover).

Role in the Project

IDS provides the overall GENIAL programme co-ordination activity with the responsibility for the technical, financial and administrative management. It will chair the Management Committee and will be the contact point for the Clean Sky JU and the Topic Manager. IDS will lead WP1, WP2, WP4, WP5 and WP6 and will provide contributions to WP3, and WP7.

Key People

Aldo Bonsignore: Program Management

Mauro Bandinelli: Technical and management aspects

Alessandro Mori: Technical aspects

Maria Elena Frassi: Financial aspects